The Making of the Album

This album came about due to my good friend Leonie King, who said “Geraldine, you are over 60 years of age and Alec is over 70, so just get on with the recording and stop talking”.

So, with my nephew Liam King on board with his mobile recording studio, we went out to Oranmore Castle and set up the equipment in the Great Hall, looking out over Galway Bay.

I sang the first half of these songs accompanied by the wonderful Carl hession on piano, with my friend Alec Finn providing guitar and bouzouki on the remaining ones. The talented Tommy Keane played uilleann pipes and whistle, while the gifted Séamus Shannon added accordion and did the arrangements. All was going well until the third day, when my close friend Nollaig Casey came in to add the fiddle.

As it was so cold, Alec lit a roaring fire in the Great Hall. However, we had to wait to extinguish the fire again, due to the crackling wood interfering with the sound recording. Then hail stones started hitting the windows and to crown it all, Alec’s puppy dog came in and pissed all over the electrics and blew a fuse.

Finally Liam had had enough and we abandoned ship and finished the recording in the Black Gate Cultural Centre in Galway City. Ha ha…

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Bebhinn O Connor was kind enough to come down from Dublin to add cello to the tracks. My son Iarla Fox played percussion and my sister Pauline was persuaded to provide backing vocals. It was the first time in her life to be in a recording studio and she did a fantastic job. Buy Home From the Sea Full Album


I am immensely pleased with the outcome of this album and so privileged to be friends with these wonderfully gifted musicians whom I have played with in sessions many times over the years, thank you all so much

Buy Home From the Sea Full Album